.Adult Courses

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Airbrush Studio
Alla Prima Painting Workshop
Autodesk Revit for Designers and Architects
Beginning Quilting
Beginning Wheel Throwing
Decorative Tableware and Planters
Digital Photography
Drawing Level One
Fashion Pattern Drafting
Figure Drawing
Focus on the Kitchen and Bath
Fundamentals of Interior Design
Intro to Graphic Design
Intro to the Art of Mosaics
Lost Wax Casting
Make Using SketchUp
Nature's Color: Botanical Dyeing
Painting Techniques for Beginners
Painting with Oils
Photo Walks with Dianne Carroll Burdick
Photography in the Field
Plein Air Painting
Right Brain Drawing for Non-Artists
Smart Phone Photography
Surface Design Stitching
Vivid Watercolor
Web Coding 101
Wheel Throwing: Beyond the Basics

.Portfolio Camp

Portfolio Camp
Portfolio Camp Housing

.The Box Factory in St. Joseph

Abstract Painting in Acrylics at the Box - St. Joseph, MI
Beginning Sewing at the Box - St. Joseph, MI
Digital Photography at the Box - St. Joseph, MI
Fundamentals of Interior Design at The Box - St. Joseph, MI
Illustrative Drawing Workshop at the Box - St. Joseph, MI
Illustrative Watercolor at the Box - St. Joseph, MI
Intro to Printmaking: Monotypes at the Box - St. Joeseph, MI
Introduction to Adobe Illustrator at the Box - St. Joseph, MI
Observational Drawing: From Pencil to Paint at the Box - St. Joseph, MI
Quick Trip Sketching at the Box - St. Joseph, MI
Restyled Fashion at the Box - St. Joseph, MI
SketchUp Basics at the Box - St. Joseph, MI

.Youth Ages 10-12 Courses & Camps

3D Paper Works Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Acrylic Still Life Painting Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh Universe (Ages 10-12)
Clay Trekking Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Clayworks Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Code Blocks: Building a Mobile Game App Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Code Breakers Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Cubist Characters Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Dragon Mania Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Face Value: Portraiture Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Fashion Illustration for Young Designers Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Fashion: Draw Your Style Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Fun With Digital Photography Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Geology Rocks Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Handmade Jewelry (Ages 10-12)
iMovie Trailer Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Ins and Outs of Watercolor Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Intro to Manga Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Make Your Own Mini Comics Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Make your own Robot (Ages 10-12)
Make Your Own Robot Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Make Your Own Softie Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Minecraft Minds: World Builders (Ages 10-12)
Monsters, Mutants, and Mayhem Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Painting Warm and Cool Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Photographing the World Around You (Ages 10-12)
Picasso's Animals in Clay (Ages 10-12)
Project-a-Day Sewing Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Sculpture Marathon Day Camp (Ages 10-12)

.Youth Ages 10-12 Courses & Camps

Space Knights: A Science Fiction Journey Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Star in Your Own TV Show Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Star Wars: Using the Power of the Force (Ages 10-12)
Still Life Drawing Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Stop Motion Animation Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Storybook Illustration Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Video Game Design Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
You're a Wizard Day Camp (Ages 10-12)
Young Architects Day Camp (Ages 10-12)

.Youth Ages 13-17 Courses & Camps

Abstract Painting in Acrylics Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Advanced Drawing Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Architecture Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Be an Entrepreneur Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Beginning Acrylic Painting Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Beginning Drawing Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Beginning Sewing Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Beginning Web Coding Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Beginning Wheel Throwing Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Charcoal Figure Drawing Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Clayworks Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Code Blocks: Mobile Game App Developes Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Creating Spaces: Interior Design Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Digital Movie Making Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Digital Photography Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Drawing Classic Cartoons Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Drawing the Justice League Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Exploring Your Art & Design Career Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Fashion: Draw Your Own Collection Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Figure Sculpture Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Fun with Digital Music (Ages 13-17)
Futuristic Fashion Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Graphic Design Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Hand Building with Clay Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Handmade Animations Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
How to Manga I and II (Ages 13-17)
How to Manga III/IV Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Intro to Jewelry & Metals Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Master Studies: Sketching at the GRAM Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Nuts and Bolts Drawing (Ages 13-17)
Painting with Oils Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Pre-College Drawing Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Prismas Plus Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Self Portrait or Bust Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Urban Street Art Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Video Game Design (Ages 13-17)
Video Game Environments Day Camp (Ages 13-17)
Video Game Pixel Art Day Camp (Ages 13-17)

.Youth Ages 6-9 Courses & Camps

3D Creatures from the Sea (Ages 6-9)
Battle Tigers & Animals From Stories Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Be an Art Explorer with Star Wars Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Clay Adventures Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Code Play Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Drawing Your Trained Dragon Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Dreaming with DaVinci Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Eco Water Bottle Art Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Egyptian Art Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Go Wild! Drawing the Zoo Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
How to Draw Pirates Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Jedi Academy Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Junior Architects (Ages 6-9)
Legos(R) in Action: Stop Motion Animators Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Making Global Masks & Puppets Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Making Video Games Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Minecraft™ Self Portraits (Ages 6-9)
Monet's Secret Garden Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Monster House Party Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Painting Earth's Panoramas Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Painting Plus Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Picasso's Animals in Clay Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Pokemon Block Party Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Robot World Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Sculpey Space Oddyssey Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Start a Ripple Effect with Watercolor Day Camp (Ages 6-9)
Under Sea Fantasy World Makers Day Camp (Ages 6-9)